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What Your Customers Won’t Tell You: Help Desk Secrets For Success #2

Creepy Customer Service Desk (Photo credit: spratmackrel)

Blog #2

One of the first rules of help desk (or service desk) efficiency is to plan in advance for certain tickets to come up. 

1. Prioritize.

Customers can’t give you feedback in the area of prioritizing in the most meaningful way.  This is because every customer feels that his or her issue is the most critical one on your list.  After all, the customer’s work has ground to a halt and he or she is typically already in a state of urgency by the time you hear from them.

But you as the help desk or service desk provider need to know exactly how to prioritize all tickets.  From tackling a computer virus to simply re-setting a password, you need to have a clear procedure in place to know which issue to address, and when. Read More…

What Your Customers Won’t Tell You: Help Desk Secrets For Success #1

MCA customer service Desk

MCA customer service Desk (Photo credit: Robert R Gigliotti,

Green-help Desk illustration

Green-help Desk illustration (Photo credit:

Blog #1

When you improve your customers’ Do It Yourself capabilities, everyone wins.

 “Do It Yourself” (DIY) customers are a growing phenomenon.  Customers of your help desk or service desk often want the power to solve their own tech problems quickly, rather than having to:

  • Call you,
  • Get you to understand their issues over the phone,
  • Or even potentially wait on hold for a service desk representative to become available.

One rule of Customer Satisfaction is to Give the Customer What He or She Wants.

Therefore, your Help Desk Secret #1 for success is:

Help Customers Help Themselves.

In a language that laypeople can understand, set up a self-service portal where customers can find solutions and workarounds posted in your knowledge base.

In addition, make sure you offer robust community forums where your customers can engage with each other — and with you when necessary. Read More…

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